Pool:  The Greathouse HOA pool opening date is TBA. Please be aware that you must be up to date on all of your dues (including late fees). If you are not sure if all dues and late fees have been paid, please email us at and we can take a look at that for you. The pool card key that has been issued will not work to get in the pool area if you have not cleared your HOA account completely including late fees. Pool attendants that work at the Greathouse pool will not have access to your account and will not be able to activate keys that are not working. Please remember to email us if you have any issues.

Covenants:  The Greathouse HOA board has noticed an increase in cars, RV’s, and boats using the street as parking. As a reminder, parking is NOT allowed on the streets in the Greathouse neighborhood. The board will be stepping up its efforts in helping control this problem and letters will be going out immediately. The HOA needs every neighbor to participate in helping maintain the covenants in our neighborhood. This helps maintain the value of each of our homes and the appearance of our neighborhood. Please help by reporting problems via email to the HOA at and it will be referred to our covenant chair. If you are interested in being a “block captain” for your street, please contact us.  The HOA board will send out only one letter before turning over persistent problems to the attorney for legal assistance in resolving the matter. We wish to avoid future legal cases and expenses so please respond to the letters sent out, and let’s work toward a resolution together.  The main covenants violations are:

Resident parking on the street is not permitted.  Residents should park in their garage or driveway, except for temporary or occasional purposes. Vehicles should not be parked in the street outside of residences over night.
RV’s, boats, and trailers may not be parked on the streets for more than 48 hours.  RV’s and work trailers may not be stored on site unless they are screened from street and neighbor view. 
YARDS- Please see sections 2.9 and 2.20 for landscaping expectations.   You are also responsible for keeping the area in the alley behind your home free of weeds and grass.  

 If you have an issue that you would like to report to the HOA, please be sure to put the address of the issue and a contact that we can reach you at for questions. We will make every effort that we can to help with issues that arise within the realm of the Restrictive Covenants and our ability to enforce them.

Speeding:  Please watch your speed in the neighborhood. Please use extra caution in the alleys.

Dumping in alleys and dumpsters:  Please do not use dumpsters for large household items like furniture, construction materials or recyclable cardboard boxes.  Recycle bins can be found near Greathouse Elementary, Midland College, Grande Stadium, HEB and at the City collection facility at 4100 Smith Road (off of Veterans Airpark Lane) .  Large items can also be dropped at the City collection facility at no charge. Please close dumpsters after depositing trash in them to avoid trash blowing out of the dumpsters. 

Keep Greathouse Safe!!!

  • Don't forget good habits!  Leave your porch lights on, lock your doors and  park your vehicles in your driveway or garage.
  • Speed limit is 30mph in the neighborhood and 15 mph in alleys, please watch out for kids at play and school zone.
  • We know everyone wants to keep Greathouse the safe and secure place we know!

For information on booking the Clubhouse please email

The 2019 Greathouse HOA Board was voted in at the Annual Meeting in December:

  • President - Interim Jennifer Langford
  • Vice President - Interim Samantha Smith
  • Secretary - Valerie Parnell
  • Pool Operations/Clubhouse Management - Jennifer Saenz
  • Landscaping Management - Justin Smith
  • Socials - Amanda Jones 

Yard Maintenance

The HOA has begun monitoring yards for compliance with our Restrictive Covenants.  Areas to be monitoring include un-mowed lawns; weeds in yards, flowerbeds and around sidewalks and driveways; weeds and grass in alleyways behind residence’s fences and around utility boxes; dead shrubs and trees; and no landscaping in front of residences per covenant guidelines. 

Living in West Texas has its challenges and one of them is the wind and tumble weeds.  We have had several complaints about the cleanup of tumble weeds.  The HOA does not provide clean up services for the streets and yards we only maintain the pool and the landscaped areas we own commonly.  Please be sure to collect and dispose of any tumble weeds that collect on or near your property (including the alleys). 


Over the past several years the issue of sheds has been brought to the HOA board’s attention.  We have tried to be fair and reasonable while applying the neighborhood covenants. 

2.2 No building shall be erected on any residential lot except one single family dwelling and outbuilding incidental to and used in connection with the one single family dwelling.  An “outbuilding” shall be defined to include a garage, game room, workshop and other buildings necessary for the convenience and pleasure of the occupants of the single family dwelling erected on the Lot.  All such buildings shall be of a design aesthetically compatible with that of the residence erected on the Lot.  Outbuildings shall not include metal or portable buildings.  We now feel it is necessary to further expand on this by establishing some guidelines for what aesthetically compatible shall entail:

Residents should seek approval from the Board prior to construction of any outbuilding.  A storage unit cannot exceed 10 x12 ft unless it is constructed of a masonry material (Brick, Stucco, Austin Stone, Split face, etc.) It cannot be part of the boundary of the residence unless it is constructed of the material previously stated. There can be no plastic, metal or portable buildings.  Siding must be made of wood and must match the color of the residence (trim).  The building should not be highly visible from the street or neighbors.   It must be anchored and placed on a concrete slab. The roof must be composition shingles and cannot extend above the top of the fence line more than 3 foot (e.g. If a 10 X 12 shed is 11 ft. tall the resident would be required to have an 8 foot fence).   The board will not verify status of all sheds that are small, within in the confines of a fenced yard and are not highly visible from the street or adjacent neighbors as we feel this is an invasion of the homeowner’s privacy and beyond the HOA’s purview, especially where no neighbor complaint exists.

Please contact the board with your concerns or suggestions, we are here to help build and maintain an appealing neighborhood for all of us.  We are open to further suggestions before formally adopting these guidelines. 

Dumping in alleys and dumpsters

Please do not use dumpsters for large household items like doors, furniture, construction materials or recyclable cardboard boxes.  Recycle bins can be found near:

  • Greathouse Elementary
  • Midland College
  • Grande Stadium
  • HEB
  • Citizens Collection Station (ClayDesta) – 4100 Smith Road – Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. –aluminum, cardboard, paper, plastic, metals, yard waste and large household items 

Please remember that the dues for the whole year are due, any amount less than the full amount will be subject to late fees. Members not paid in full will be unable to access the neighborhood facilities.  If you need to submit a payment less than the full amount due, please contact us at The HOA will NOT accept 12 monthly payments. 

Greathouse HOA mailing address:
Greathouse HOA
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Midland, TX 79707

Remember 2018 Dues are Due March 15, 2019

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